‘A Fantastic Woman’: The Tale Behind the Transgender that is oscar-Nominated Drama

The manager and celebrity regarding the Best that is acclaimed Foreign-Film on bringing their film’s extraordinary trans heroine to life

How ‘A Great Woman’ director Sebastiбn Lelio and celebrity Daniela Vega brought their movie’s transgender heroine to life – also to possible Oscar glory.

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For longer than 20 years, Chilean filmmaker Sebastiбn Lelio is attempting to figure out of a means to make use of the Alan Parsons Project’s “Time” in another of their films. “once I made my first quick movie in 1996, I attempted buying that track and I also couldn’t pay for it,” the filmmaker states of this Uk art-rock band’s 1981 easy-listening hit, a celestial lament about a romance torn asunder by distance and scenario. “I have actually loved it forever. We contemplate it a masterpiece. It completely combines individual connection with a backdrop.” this is certainly cosmic Told that the band had been never the hippest of musical clothes, Lelio shakes their mind in protest. “I favor filmmakers which have the capacity to simply take some social piece that is perhaps maybe not considered great and elevate it by recombining it somehow,” he states. “I believe that’s a talent.”

Audiences can come around to their thought process: “Time” is brilliantly woven in to the textile of their Oscar-nominated A Fantastic Woman (which formally starts on February 2nd after a qualifying that is brief just last year), supplying an aural complement to your film’s tough, pressing tale of the singer ravaged by grief following the loss of her older fan.


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